Log Home Services

American Log & Timber Restoration’s professionally trained staff has years of experience. We carefully inspect your log or timber home to determine what repairs are necessary. At American Log & Timber Restoration we use the highest quality materials when making repairs on your log home.

Our projects range from simple cleaning and staining to challenging log replacement. Whethere your log or timber home is currently under construction or 40 years old, American Log & Timber Restoration is here to help you restore and maintain your log home.

American Log & Timber Restoration can help you with your log home restoration needs. Take a look at the services we offer to help you refurbish your log building. 

Media Blasting

Media blasting is used to remove the existing finish off the exterior of the logs to get back to the original wood surface. Once the wood is bare it is then ready to have the new color and finish of your liking. 

Log Replacement

From the very beginning the logs on your building are preserved to help prevent wood decay. Due to the elements like sun, rain, sleet and snow, the preservative layers on the logs wear down. When this happens log replacement may be necessary in extreme cases of neglect.

Caulking & Chinking

When your log home exterior is accustomed to large temperature variations, the caulk and chinking could fain due to movement of the logs. American Log & Timber Restoration is able to restore the caulk or chinking to accomodate log movement without failing.

Cleaning, Staining & Finishing

American Log & Timber Restoration uses quality products to preserve and care for your log home. Make sure to keep your log home clean as it helps preserve the existing finish. Cleaning your logs is a required step before new stain is added. We use stains and finishes that will protect your home in all weather conditions.